Available Ownership Opportunities

Owner Name Room Size Telephone Email or Fax Renting Week Of
Rudy Murrieta 1 br. 310-308-4605 rudy.murrieta@sbcglobal.net Low Season
Robert W Schinkel 2 br. 805-473-2694 groverbeachbobs@charter.net I can no longer use due to health. am willing to sign over
Larry Jones and Linda Rowell 1 br. 714-313-5322 gumshoerowell1@gmail.com Time share for sale price of $50.00. 1 week per year with option for add’l nights. Other properties available. Buyer takes full ownership. Call 714-313-5322 if interested.
Gloria Dierking 1 br. 714-659-1676 gloriaj411@yahoo.com Had many wonderful vacations here. Now a widow. Can't use the property any longer. Deeded property. Need someone to assume ownership.
Judith C Brown 2 br. 623-466-8677 tobetoosweet@yahoo.com Hello, I am now a widow and unfortunately no longer can afford the fees for this timeshare, I would be giving it away if the new owner could assume the rest of the maintenance fees, whicha rea paid up to March 2023. It’s 2 br. prime season, with 2 weeks available in 2023, thank you.
William Plain 1 br. 661-589-1123 wpjame@gmail.com Annual Floating 1 br. high season $100, includes December 24-31, 2022. We will reimburse closing costs. Thank you.
Helen A, Britt 1 br. 909-345-5060 habritt1@verizon.net I am 90 years old, heart condition, cant go to high elevation, wish to sell
Pearl Guerra 2 br. 323-373-1925 pearl.guerra23@yahoo.com 2br. Prime floating week for sale, $5.00
Jim Murdoch 1 br. 760-499-2809 jimmurdoch@hotmail.com Inherited this 1br. from my father. Have never used it, never wanted it, can't get out of contract, can't afford the Maintenance Fee. Cost is $1, yes, One Dollar.
David Hovland 2 br. hovland_david@yahoo.com 1 week, 2br., long-time owner, used for family ski trips
Mark Walters 2 br. 805-217-2101 kkwalters.cpa@gmail.com Will give week to new owner, just need to pay transfer fees, all year round usage. We've had so many wonderful vacations there but kids are grown now and the unit it too big for just the two of us.
William W Wyatt 2 br. bwyatt21@cox.net Have two 2 br. weeks for sale
Chris Molter 1 br. 480-776-7627 r8drdog@live.com 1 br. floating week, transfer deed available
John Razzano 2 br. mvlachos@dccapitallaw.com High season 2 br. for sale, will entertain all offers
Lorraine R. Gales 2 br. 510-566-6705 lgales50@sbcglobal.net Week 50, very low purchase price. A deal you can't pass up.
Jennifer Dugas Bitting 2 br. 949-394-4986 jenn.dugas@gmail.com Week 34. make offer
Belsher 1 br. jb@jbelsher.com 1 br. Prime Heidelberg week for sale, best offer
L Nelson 1br.; 2br. 720-213-8488 encinotech@yahoo.com I own a 1 br. week and a 2 br. week, but have moved to Colorado.
Dennis Barnes 1 br. 479-253-8086 DSBMANBCH@AOL.COM Floating, 1 br. High season, will pay all transfer costs and one half of new owner's first annual maintenance fees
Greg Winters 1br. 760-371-5984 1br. High week, I don't use anymore and will practically give away!
Cynthia Seals 1 br. 951-821-0586 neechee1013@gmail.com 1 br. floating prime week for sale, will pay all transfer fees
Cynthia Seals 1 br. 951-821-0586 neechee1013@gmail.com 1 br. floating prime week for sale, will pay all transfer fees
Dorthea Petersen 1 br. 503-285-1935 Petersend176@gmail.com 1 br. floating week for sale
John Lammiman 1 br. 760-920-1662 jclammiman@hotmail.com 1 br. Prime season floating week for sale, will pay transfer fees
Jaime Campos 2 br. 760-349-8819 2br. Fixed week #29 (July) for sale
Helmut Maier 1 br. 604-582-3324 hmaier@shaw.ca 1br. prime week, make me an offer
Greg Dumond 1br. 805-493-5556 detailmastersofamerica@gmail.com 1 br. Prime week unit, enjoyed for many years, take over title and start making your own family memories
Fred 1br. 702-743-0276 bassmanfreddy@yahoo.com 1br. Prime season
Lynn Linman 1 br. 559-280-9289 Selling for $1.00
Daniel Allen 2 br. 661-972-2763 papagrouch@gmail.com 2br. floating high week, $1.00
Fred Lauzier 1 br. 562-305-1455 fredlauzier@gmail.com 1br. high season for sale $1, we will pay any related fees
Shakir 1 br. 661-703-1786 shakir@shakir.com will pay buyer $1,000 to take it off my hands
Les Rogers 1 br. playgroundinsp@aol.com 1br. floating high week, enjoyed for many years
Lisette Menius 1 br. 406-830-0089 lmenius014@gmail.com 1br. prime for sale
Brad Amster 1 br. 949-310-1920 bradamster@sbcglobal.net 1br. prime for sale, will pay transfer fees
Charles Unseitig 1 br. 702-256-9902 chtravel48@cox.net 1br. prime season unit for sale
Jonathan Preston 1 br. 818-422-5454 jonathanmpreston@yahoo.com 1 br. Floating High Season
Renee Prudhomme 2 br. 650-323-2591 rprudhomme@sbcglobal.net 2 br. Floating High

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