These owners have the time already booked in their name. When you contact an owner the two parties will make a private arrangement about renting the week. The owner then has the obligation to contact the front desk and communicate the new name associated with the week. The front desk has an updated list of the rentals but does not represent any owners or collect any monies. Please fill in the RENTAL TRANSACTION page located under the RENTALS page on this website.

Available Rentals by Owner

Owner Name Room Size Telephone Email or Fax Renting Week Of
WILLIAM PLAIN ONE BEDROOM (661) 589-1123 Renting One Bedroom for $950 for December 18-25, 2021.
Mike Siegel 2 bedroom (707) 495-5531 Dec 31-Jan 8
Jay Kenoff 2 bedroom (310) 497-1040 Week 52 - Fixed Unit - 118 - NW Corner 2nd Floor with views over lakes, mountains and town - $1400
2BR 310-497-1040 2br. unit for rent, 7 nights arrving Dec. 25 departing Jan. 1
$1400 for week
William Plain one bedroom (661) 589-1123 One Bedroom available for the
week of December 18-25, 2021 for $500.
Also selling one bedroom for $100.
Thank you,
Carole Houser 1 bedroom (904) 834-3225 Week 52 December 25, 2021 to January 1, 2022

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